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Dimensions Club Competition

It's back!

Our annual Club Competition is being held on Sunday 12th May, 11am - 3pm(ish).  ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED.


A day dedicated to celebrate the sport of trampolining, taking part whatever your level and experience, and having fun!

Lots of activities in and outside of the hall, including our event photographer 'I'm Famous', games stalls, foodie stalls, tombola...

A Competition Entry ticket costs £16.00 and includes entry for two adults, plus a programme. Additional adult spectator tickets are available for purchase at £2.50 each - please see details via the link above. Additional children spectators do not need a ticket.

Each trampolinist performs one at a time for a panel of judge, usually made up of our Squad team.  Each performance is judged on neatness and how little travelling there is away from the centre cross. There is a set routine for each level, of which there is five, and the difficulty of the moves vary dependent on the trampolinists’ level in sessions. Coaches will determine which level a trampolinist is at, in discussion with the trampolinist.

The Club Competition is the Club's main fundraiser of the year and your support is invaluable.

Entries are now closed. Additional spectator tickets are still be available.  

If you have any questions please email Becky at

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