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Dimensions Trampoline Squad
Dimensions Trampoline Club



National League - Event 2

1st - 2nd June


English Championship - Qualifier 1

8th - 9th June

Location tbc

English Championship - Qualifier 2

13th - 14th July

Location tbc

Trampoline League - Event 3

14th - 15th September


English Championships - Final

12th - 13th October

Location tbc

Trampoline League - Finals

26th - 27th October

Derby Arena

14th April 2024

Regional Championships


What a day we had in Cambridge at the Regional Championships!

We had some amazing routines and even more amazing support from the whole squad to each other

We are so incredibly proud of you all for making it to the end of another Regional competition season and improving more and more each year

We also came away with quite a few medals!

On trampoline:

Evelyn and Bethan - 1st place

Tilly and Marley - 2nd place

Amelie and Jack - 3rd place

Team Gold

Level 2 15+ - Amelie, Kathy and Ruth

Level 3 15+ - Florence Lillia, Emily and Cassie


Lillia - 1st place

Jack - 2nd place

Louis - 3rd place

Team Gold

Level 1 13+ - Kathy, Lillia, Ruth and Emily


Adam and Jack - 2nd place

Thank you so much to all our judges, officials and coaches. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to have such amazing days at competitions, we can’t thank you enough.

18th June 2023

Regional Championships


What a day we had in Cambridge!

Everyone did their best and we couldn’t be prouder

We came away with a total of 9 individual medals, and 2 Team medals!

Gold - Evelyn and Lillia

Silver - Charis, Tilly, Annie, Ruth, Adam and Louis (DMT)

Bronze - Jack (DMT)

Team Gold - Charis, Emily, Cassie & Florence and Ruth, Millie & Penny

It’s not all about the medals though, our Super Squad supported each other throughout the day from beginning to end and performed some amazing routines

Well done everyone!

27th - 28th May 2023

National League Qualifier

Burgess Hill

What a weekend we had in Burgess Hill!

On day one we had the first 12 of our individual competitors, and Charis, Cassie and Lillia making it into the final top 8 of their groups, with Cassie achieving 3rd place!

Millie also did amazingly well to come 13th in her group of 35 in her first ever National League competition.

Day 2 in Burgess Hill!

Adam, Jack and Louis had their individual competitions and Louis achieved 1st place!

Lillia, Jack and Louis also competed in DMT in the morning with Louis placing 2nd!

We then ended the day with our 3 synchro pairs, Florence and Harriet, Jack and Louis and Lillia and Charis - the first time for the girls competing in synchro

Everyone did their best over the weekend, well done Team Dimensions!

1st - 2nd April 2023

National League Qualifier


What a weekend we had in Cardiff !

Everyone all did really well and went away having had a great experience even if it didn’t go to plan

A big well done to Louis for placing 1st and Lillia for placing 2nd on day one! This is a huge achievement at such a big event so congratulations both of you.

Louis walked away with a silver medal in DMT, Jack and Louis finished in the middle of their group in synchro and Adam competed at League 1 for the first time on day two.

Congratulations on a successful weekend for Dimensions!

12th March 2023

Regional Competition


Wow, what a day we had in Colchester today!

Everyone really did their best, despite a few hiccups everyone was still smiling at the end of the day

We had an amazing total of 17 medals including:

1st Place - Tilly, Florence, Lillia (trampoline) and Ruth

2nd Place - Lillia (DMT), Jack (DMT), Penny, Evelyn and Annie

3rd Place - Louis (DMT and trampoline), Nieve and Marley

Team Gold - Emily, Harriet and Lillia (DMT), Emily, Cassie, Harriet and Florence (Level 3 trampoline), Penny, Ruth, Millie and Amelie (Level 2 trampoline), and Maia, Kathy and Tallulah (Level 2 trampoline)

Everyone was amazing with supporting each other today too we’re so proud of you all

Thank you to everyone who helped out today as well with officiating, we couldn’t do these competitions without you!

22nd January 


Regional Competition


What a day we had in Harlow!

The first Regional Competition of the year and Dimensions did amazingly well and supported each other so nicely

We had an amazing 12 individual medals - Gold from Ruth and Louis (on DMT), Silver from Marley, Jack (on DMT), Annie, Lillia (on trampoline) and Tilly and Bronze from Adam, Amelie, Evelyn, Lillia (on DMT) and Jack (on trampoline)

Also well done to Penny, Ruth, Amelie and Millie for getting Team Gold!

Also a huge WELL DONE to Nieve for placing 4th in her first Regional Competition!

Thank you to all of our officials and coaches for helping during the day, we couldn’t do it without you

You should all be very proud of yourselves, you’re all superstars!

19th - 20th

November 2022

Trampoline League Finals

London Velodrome

What a day we had at the Olympic Velodrome!

Firstly, a huge well done to everyone who competed, Team Dimensions completed some amazing routines! It’s such a huge achievement to have 9 incredible trampolinists competing at the National Finals.

Secondly, congratulations to Jack and Charis for getting through to each of their Finals - the top 8 in their group! They also both finished 5th which is amazing for a National Final.

And last but not least, thank you SO MUCH to the Haylock family for making an incredible banner for Team Dimensions to carry during the fly-by!

Also, thank you so much to Sam and Sam for officiating throughout the day, we couldn’t have done it with you!

3rd - 4th September 2022

Inter-Regional Team Finals


A huge well done to Marley and Penny who were invited to compete with Team East and represent the region at the Regional Team Finals.

A fantastic achievement! 

19th June 2022

Regional Finals/Cup Championships


What a day we had in Cambridge!

We had two Team Gold medals - Maia, Emily, Kathy and Nola (Level 2 15+) and Harriet, Florence and Charis (Level 3 15+)

Five Silver medals - Louis (on DMT and trampoline!) Annie, Katie and Marley

And finally three Bronze medals - Nola, Adam and Penny

Everyone all did so well and the hard work clearly paid off!

28th-29th May 2022

Trampoline League - Event 2


What a day we had in Cardiff

We started off the morning with Lillia and Katie both making the final 8 of their groups, with Katie winning the bronze medal!

Kathy, Ruth, Harriet and Nola also did amazingly well for placing in the top half of their groups (out of around 30 or more!) and therefore gaining points for the league table

Then to finish off the day, Cassie, Charis and Jack all achieved bronze medals, it was a bronze kind of day!

Adam and Louis competed on the Sunday and were Dimensions first ever synchro entries!

2nd - 3rd April 2022

Trampoline League - Event 1 Burgess Hill

Today we had Ruth and Lillia placing in the top half of their group of 32, with Lillia making it into the final (top 8!).

Nola and Katie competed and both made it into the top thirds of their groups  - both groups had 42 competitors.  Katie also made it into the final 8!

Charis achieved a bronze in her group of 31.

Emily and Kathy reached just shy of the top half of their group of 40 and then both Cassie and Florence made it into the final 8 of their groups.

To finish the day we had Jack achieve a bronze and Louis achieve a gold!

A huge well done to everyone for all your hard work, you all did yourselves and Dimensions proud!

We are pleased to say that everyone who competed today gained points and a place on the League Table for the season.

20th March 2022

Regional Qualifier 2 - Colchester

What a day we had!

In the morning we achieved 4 medals - Silver for Katie, Bronze for Ruth, Marley and Penny.

The afternoon ended with Charis getting bronze and Charis, Harriet and Florence achieving a team Gold.

It was the first competition Dimensions have ever entered a DMT squad and we were so pleased for Louis when he won silver!

Well done everyone, you all did so well as usual and should be very proud of yourselves.

6th February 2022

Club & Regional Grades Competition - Harlow

Busy morning in Harlow with 11 squad competing and two medals achieved - Amelie a gold and Charis a silver.

The afternoon was just as busy with a haul of 6 more medals!  Bronze - Cassie and Tilly, Silver - Annie, Gold - Katie and Marley, Team Gold - Emily, Maia and Nola.

What an amazing day - well done everyone!

13th & 14th November 2021

National League 'Bounce back' 2021

8 of our Squad members travelled to Cardiff for the weekend and National League's 'bounce back' competition.

Charis, Jack and Louis all made it in to the finals of their age groups and congratulations to Louis for winning 2nd place!

One of our youngest squad members, Katie, competed at her first ever National competition - a huge achievement for her.

On the 2nd day we had Adam competing in League 2 and winning the gold medal!

Sterling perfomances from everyone as usual!

31st October 2021

Club & Regional Grades Competition - Hemel Hempstead

It was wonderful to get back to competitions again after two long years!

We had a great day and were extremely pleased with everyone at Dimensions for their fab performances and the way they supported each other throughout the day.

We ended the day with a total of 9 medals - Gold medals for Jack, Katie, Marley and Ruth, Silver medals for Cassie, Kathy and Louis. Bronze medal for Annie plus a Team Gold for Amelie, Kathy & Ruth.  It was the first competition for two of our medal winners, which is absolutely amazing!

We couldn't be prouder of everyone - they all worked so hard and really tried their best.  Absolute Superstars!

2nd-4th November 2019

National League Finals 2019

Our 6 Super Squad members competied in the National League Finals in Derby ; Adam, Jack, Ollie, Lillia, Zoë and Charis!🌟 Well done everyone, it is such an achievement to qualify for the finals. An even bigger congratulations to Adam and Ollie who got through to the Finals after coming in the top 8 in their groups, with  Adam as well for achieving 1st Place in League 2 17-18 Men.

13th October 2019

NDP Regional Qualifier 1 - 2020 Season

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who competed in the REGIONAL NDP COMPETITION in Harlow. This was a very exciting day for the 25 squad who entered, and we had some great results reflecting everyone’s hard work leading up to the competition. As well as all the new personal best scores we had several medalists, so particular congratulations go to:


HARRY Level 5 Mens 15+yrs GOLD


KATIE Level 4 Womens 9-10yrs GOLD


ANNIE Level 1 Womens 9-10yrs BRONZE


MARLEY Level 3 Mens 11-12yrs BRONZE



A special WELL DONE to our 3 newest squad members who were doing their 1st ever competition = Annie , Louis & Millie .



Of course we can’t all win medals, but we can all try to improve our scores. Almost all of the competitors achieved new P B scores, most of these at a new level, so our squad mini trophies are for the best performances this time and they go to: HARRY for his best score of all time and ANNIE for her amazing routines despite being quite ill!


Click HERE to see results



12th-14th July 2019

NDP National Final 2019

A HUGE well done to Dimensions only qualifier Jack, who finished in an amazing 4th Place at the NDP National Finals in the male 13/14 level 3 category. He even managed to get a 10 for his HD!

8th-9th June


NDP Regional Team Finals

Jack and Marley competed beautifully in the NDP Team Finals, with Jack qualifying for the individual national finals. They were both part of the winning Eastern Region Team, alongside our Head Coach Claire who was part of the East’s successful coaching team!

22nd-23rd June 2019

National League Series 2 2019

A huge well done to everyone who competed at the second National League event in Cardiff, the results were as followed:

- Florence League 3 11-12 females: 24th/ 56  1 LEAGUE POINT

- Jack League 3 13-14 males: 10th/27             20 LEAGUE POINTS

- Nola League 3 13-14 females: 50th/104

- Harriet League 3 13-14 females: 24th/104    1 LEAGUE POINT

- Milly League 3 17-18 females: 8th/ 41            32 LEAGUE POINTS

- Zoe League 3 17-18 females: 4th/41               28 LEAGUE POINTS

- Unfortunately Adam and Harry encountered falls. 

7th June 2019

Regional Team Finals

We were very proud to have 2 trampolinists go through to the regional team finals. They represented the Eastern Region in the following categories:

Marley 11-12  Level 1 Men

Jack 13+ Level 3 Men

25th-26th May 2019

National League Series 1 2019

A huge well done to everyone who competed at the first National League event in Burgess Hill, the results were as follows:

- Lillia League 3 9-10 females: 11th                 18 LEAGUE POINTS 

- Florence League 3 11-12 females: 22nd        3 LEAGUE POINTS

- Jack League 3 13-14 males: 18th                   7 LEAGUE POINTS

- Harry League 3 13-14 males: 17th 

- Nola League 3 13-14 females: 51st 

- Harriet League 3 13-14 females: 25th    

- Milly League 3 17-18 females: 9th                 24 LEAGUE POINTS

- Charis League 3 19+ females: 10th                20  LEAGUE POINTS 

- Adam League 2 17-18 males: 2nd                  50 LEAGUE POINTS

17th March


NDP Regional Semi Finals

We'd like to congratulate our 14 medalists, who competed in Hatfield today!
The morning started out with Harry and Katie in 3rd place, Ollie in 2nd place, and India, Nola and Emily winning team 1st! 
The afternoon was just as successful with Georgia in 3rd place (at level 6!!), Lillia in 2nd place, Marley and Jack in 1st place and Tiffany, Lucy, Acacia and Abigail winning team 1st🏆

Also an especially big well done to Ollie, Lillia, Marley and Jack for qualifying for the National Finals in Birmingham! (Only the top 2 in each age group go through to the finals, however if anyone drops out then the third place competitors will go through).

Congratulations on such an incredible day everyone!🎉🌟

27th January 2019

NDP Regional Qualifier 2

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who competed in the REGIONAL NDP QUALIFIER COMPETITION in Colchester on Sun 27th January.
This was a great day for the squad reflecting all their hard work on their routines.
We had several medalists on the podiums, so particular congratulations go to:

LILLIA Level 4 Womens 9-10yrs GOLD
JACK Level 3 Mens 13+yrs GOLD
OLLIE Level 5 Mens 15+ SILVER
HARRY Level 5 Mens 11-14yrs SILVER
MARLEY Level 1 Mens 11-12yrs SILVER
TAHLIA Level 4 Womens 11-12yrs BRONZE

Also to our Level 2 Womens 11-12yrs team for gaining GOLD medals:

Abigail , Lucy  and Tiffany

Of course we can’t all win medals, but we can all try to improve our scores, 15 of the competitors achieved new P B scores, many at a new higher level!!

Our squad trophies for most improved scores this time go to

GRACE (who achieved the highest score of anyone from Dimensions!)

and CASSIE , to keep until the next competition.

9th-11th November


National League Finals 2018

Adam, Harry, Zoe and Hana all did amazing and made us all proud. Harry and Adam did well enough to secure themselves places in the finals where Adam went on to win a silver medal! Well Done everyone!

- Harry 8th 13/14 League 3 

- Adam 2nd 17/18 League 3 

- Zoe 20th 15/16 League 3 

- Hana 15th 15/16 League 3

8th-9th September 2018

National League Series 3 2018

We had a brilliant day at National League in Burgess Hill today, with all our trampolinists making us so proud. We even had two medals and five trampolinists gaining league points.

- Adam: FIRST 17-18 male League 3, through to the national finals!

- Hana: SECOND 15-16 female League 3, through to the national finals!

- Harry: 7TH 13-14 male League 3, league points towards national finals

- Zoe: 18TH 15-16 female League 3, league points towards national finals

- Charis: 15TH 19+ Ladies League 3, achieved league points

- Harriet and Saffron put in solid performances in a huge group of 72, and both got record new scores! 

We finished the day with some very happy coaches and trampolinists! Now to wait to see if any of our other trampolinists make it through to the finals alongside Hana and Adam. 

16th-17th June 2018

NDP Regional Team Finals

We are very proud to have 5 Elites reaching the regional team finals. They represented the Eastern Region in the following categories:
Adam 15+ Level 5 Men 
Milly, Hana, Zoe 15+ Level 5 Women 
Oliver 15+ Level 4 Men 
They're performances contributed to the Eastern Region Team finishing 2nd! 
Well Done guys!

21st-22nd April 2018

National League Series 1

We had a really good day at our first National League event of the year, in Eastleigh!

Hana: 8th  League 3 15-16 women, Earning League Points

Zoe: 10th League 3 15-16 women. Earning League Points!
Harriet successfully completed her new voluntary in a younger category. 

Adam 2nd: League 3 17-18 men, Earning League Points 
Ollie 10th:  League 3 15-16 men, Earning League Points 

Harry 17th: League 3 13-14 mean, Earning League Points 
A massive well done to them all, hopefully we will be seeing lots of Dimensions in the finals!

18th March


NDP Regional Semi-Finals

All 28 squad members qualified to the Semi-Finals. Our competitors ranged from age 9 to 18, and competed in levels 1 to 6. Everyone performed brilliantly with many trampolinists achieving personal best. 

Dimensions secured 5 places in the NDP team finals, two team medals and 7 individual medals. 

Level 1 9-10 Girls Team- Olivia, Grace and Acacia, GOLD

Level 1 11-12 Girls Kirsten BRONZE

Level 2 13+ Men Jack BRONZE

Level 4 13+ Men Oliver GOLD- through to Team Finals

Level 5 15+ Women, Milly GOLD, Hana, SILVER, Zoe BRONZE, team GOLD - all through to Team Finals 

Level 5 15+ Men, Adam GOLD- through to Team Finals 

The regional team finals will take place in Birmingham on June the 16th/17th. Our competitors will all represent the Eastern Region, GOOD LUCK! Any competitors who finish in the top 8 of their groups will qualigy for NATIONAL FINALS! 

25th February 2018

NDP Regional Qualifier 3

Well done to all our competitors today at the final NDP qualification event- all 28 squad members have now qualified for the Regional Semi-Final on the 18th of March!

We had three medalists- Tahlia GOLD level 3, Kirsten SILVER level 1 and Grace SILVER level 1 at her first ever competition!! Congratulations to everyone who competed today we are very proud of you all, keep up the hard work for the semi finals!!

2nd-3rd December 2017

National League Finals 2017

After the first day of the competition in London, Max and Kimberley had made it through to tomorrow’s finals, with Max qualifying in 6th and Kimberley 3rd!!! ! Adam and Harry had unfortunate falls but each performed one stunning routine. 


On the second day of competitions Max and Kimberley competed in the zero finals. They both managed to maintain their qualification places. Kimberley finished in 3rd place!! Max finished in 6th place!! Both their routines were amazing!

We can't wait for next years League competitions, hopefully we can get more than four people through to the finals and get more medals!

22nd October 2017

NDP Regional Qualifier 1 - 2018 Season

Today, Dimensions Trampoline Club entered 22 of its squad members into the NDP qualifiers held in Cambridge, with outstanding results. We had seven competitors who where experiencing their very first competition- congratulations to India, Jesica, Lillia, Hope, Acacia, Lucy and Zoe for their brilliant performances.


We have had many of our trampolinists qualify for the Regional Semi Finals to be held in March next year.


Special congratulations to our medal winners:


Milly Jay- Gold, level 5

Oliver Runchman- Gold, level 4

Jack pleasance- Bronze, level 2

and finally the 15+ level 5 girls team- Gold

8th October


National League Series 4 2017

Eight Dimensions Trampolinist headed to Gillingham  to compete in the final national league qualifier. Everyone put in top performances and we are very proud of them all!

Zoe performed wonderfully and beat her previous league score and finished 23rd, this time gaining herself 3 league points. 

Adam finished 5th gaining 40 points and qualifying for the zero final where he performed beautifully and improved to 4th place. He is through to the national finals 

Harry improved his score from the last event and finished 10th in the male 11/12 category gaining his second lot of league points (20) , he is safely through to the national finals! 

Max did outstandingly and finished 9th, narrowly missing out on the final. He gained 24 league points and is through to the national finals. 

Our youngest female competitor Harriet completed both routines well at her first ever National League competition in the 11/12 age group. 

Zoe T performed a stunning first routine but unfortunately her vol didn't go to plan. It was very nice to see Zoe back competing.

Milly performed two outstanding routines (on her 16th Birthday) and finished 10th, gaining 20 league points. 

Charis completed two lovely routines at her first league competition and finished 23rd, earning her 3 league points. 

Our competitiors who finished in the top 24 on the league table have qualified for the national finals later in the year, they are:

- Adam, 8th with 68 league points

- Harry, 20th with 32 league points 

- Max joint 24th with 24 league points

- Kimberley 15th with 50 league points

2nd September 2017

National League Series 3 2017

Five Dimensions Trampolinist headed to Birmingham to compete in the third national league qualifier. All our competitors performed beautiful routines. 

Harry finished 14th out of 18 gaining 12 league points, in the 11/12 league 3 boys.

Zoe finished 25th out of 57, narrowly missing out on league points by just one position. 15/16 League 3 girls.

Adam finished 8th out of 14 gaining points and qualifying for the zero final where he also finished 8th. 15/16 League 3 Boys. 

Georgia finished 39th out of 57. 15/16 League 3 Girls.

Kimberley finished 4th out of 45 gaining 50 points qualifying for the zero final where she finished seventh. 19+ League 3 ladies. 

Any of our competitiors who finish in the top 24 on the league table will qualify for the national finals later in the year.

7th July


NDP National Final 2017

We are very proud that our boys are in the top 8 of the country for their levels and ages - wow! And at t the end of a very long day all our boys have done us proud! Oliver coming 5th and Robert and Max coming 7th! Well done boys.

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